2019-2020 testing of prediction, from August 31st 2019 to June 14th 2020

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  1. Valeri Metov says:

    How can I contact you? There are a number of suggestions for deepening the prediction. For example DYS472=9
    and DYS445=6 = https://www.yfull.com/live/tree/J-FGC34168/

  2. can only get:
    ‘An error occurred while calculating the haplogroup. Please check the entered data.’

    Tried several samples, 2 haplogroups, copy/paste STRs from FTDNA.
    tried in 2 browsers and restarted computer.

    I’ve used the site hundreds of times before.
    Stephen Arbon

  3. ahmedjalshehab says:

    Can we add more SNP’s for R1a-Z93 if possible?

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